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Amba Lounge Chair

Club Pasión Habanos

This chair is designed for Club Pasión Habanos, comfort and usability where the two leading points for the design of a good smoking chair.

Enjoying a good cigar will take you already soon 1,5 to 2 hours, so with this knowledge, it should be a chair where you sit in confortable for the entire time and maybe even longer for the ultimate enjoyment.

The chair is divide in two parts; the frame and the pillows. To assemble the chair, you slide the pillows over the frame, and fix them with the two plateaus on the arm rest and buttons.

We choose for elegant color combinations. Each combination gives the chair a beautiful innovatory classy look that fits perfectly in a modern smoking club or man's room.


What remains is to choose a good cigar and enjoy the chair where it’s designed for.

This lounge chair is designed in collaboration with Roel Deden and on behalf of Club Pasión Habanos.

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