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Telluric Table Set


Lafiore is a well-known artistic glass company in Mallorca that has been using recycled glass from beverage bottling plants, windows from demolished buildings and other sources as raw materials since the very beginning, selecting them to create innovative pieces while maintaining tradition

The raw material is treated and melted, with the delicate and precise workmanship of artisans, is transformed into blown glass objects or fusing pieces (kiln-glass). Production waste is provided to other companies to be reused as aggregate or recycled materials with a waste manager.

Designers Niels Datema and Nico Guevara explore the possibilities of glass by designing new products and offering another perspective on producing and integrating them with various materials for decorative or everyday pieces

It is exciting to see so-called useless waste become valuable. We like the story behind this material, which gives an interesting account of how materials from a specific site can be reprocessed and turned into something new for the local area

Designs are based on the material and its properties, since its random composition requires studying its limits for designing each specific product. Knowledge of the material and the reuse process lets you see the pieces in a different light and integrate them into any type of environment or allow people to use them for other purposes.

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