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Artisan Breadset

Niels Datema

Bread is one of the world’s oldest type of food and is prepared by baking a dough made of flour, yeast, salt and water. There is a huge variety in types of bread and to let people discover this themselves I designed the Artisan Bread Set.

The Artisan Bread Set is designed to help revive the ancient craft of bread baking at home. The set includes all the essential bread baking tools needed; tools to mix all the ingredients and prepare the dough up to the porcelain bowl for baking the bread in the oven in a really easy but effective way.

The Artisan Bread Set also contains a book with only the basic recipe for baking bread. However, with varying just the few simple ingredients an infinite number of different types of bread can be created. Hence, the user can experiment endlessly. The Artisan Bread Set Book contains a lot of empty pages on which the proud owner of this set can record his/her experiments and create its own Bread Recipe Book.

So, start experimenting with the Artisan Bread Set and optimize your breakfast with home-baked bread!

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