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Niels Datema

Graphite is a material with many different characteristics; the applications of graphite are infinite and for this it is highly valued in the industry.

Graphite is a very good electricity conductor. It can serve as a dry lubricant. And so there are many more forms and uses of graphite in our everyday life. The multi-applicability of graphite formed the root of my interests for finding a way for using and transforming this material and applying it in an everyday product.

Because good electricity conductivity is a major characteristic of graphite I made a lamp completely consisting of graphite. I divided the lamp in two parts; one part is the positive and the other the negative terminal. When these two parts make contact the light switches on. This way there is no need for an ordinary switch; separate the two parts and the light will switch off again. 

The fact that graphite is also a perfect lubricant makes that the lamp can easily be pointed at a specific point thanks to the revolving part of the lamp.

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