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Badal Tableware

Badal Corner

Badal Corner, a famous place in the centre of ancient Palma de Mallorca and in the heart of every burger aficionados.

It has next to the best burgers also its own unique style and I had the honour to create a tableware line suited to the raw identity of the restaurant.

Everyone who has been in Badal Corner recognise the smell of smoke and raw materials. Therefore I've chosen to work within the same line and made tableware of ancient like traditional made ceramic and trays made from charred wood.

Using charred wood for tableware wasn't been done before but creates this unique cracked formation on the surface that suited the Badal stye perfectly. After creating the charred surface I had to impregnate it under vacuum pressure to let it last and make it suitable for tableware.

Suited to the plates and trays, I created in the same charred style a table knifes in collaboration with the trench or knife-making tradition in Mallorca Campins Cuchillos.

Ana Llorca.jpg

To complete the identity of Badal Corner I asked Ana Llorca to design and produce an uniform line suited to the style of the restaurant.

Her years of experience in tailoring and couture leaded to a fantastic line of uniforms for the chefs and waiters.

She created 4 different uniforms, one for the head chef and meatreand for the sous chefs and waiters.

Using denim textile, metal and leather accents made the identity package complete of raw and rough materials.

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