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Sergio Herman

The smell of a home baked loaf, the taste of a crunchy crust, the texture of a slice of whole grain bread, all of these experiences can come when you bake your bread with these five spoons.

To bake a nice loaf of bread you only need; flour, water, yeast, sugar and oil. Provides these five ingredients in the right amount with the spoons to make the perfect dough.

Every spoon is for one ingredient, you can see this on the side of the handle. The rest you need are your two hands so you can enhance your breakfast with home-baked bread.

Sergio Herman, chef of 3 Michelin star restaurant Oud Sluis and The Jane came in contact with me through my spoons. He wanted to use 50 sets in his restaurant and I was very pleased to deliver them.


Sergio served five different curries in my spoons. From a frozen lozenge made of coriander, sake, lime, vodka and ginger to a fresh pumpkin tartare with a green curry flan. This dish served in my spoons came in his book 'Desire', a two-part publication about the final year at Sergio Herman's restaurant Oud Sluis ***


See below the result of this fantastic dish.

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