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Vermouth Glass

Andreu Genestra

The brief was to design the ultimate Vermouth glass that suited the qualities of Andreu Genestra's work and enhance the pleasure of drinking a vermouth.

Andreu's restaurant is an unique gastronomic space that explores the culinary culture of Mallorca and the influences of other areas bathed by the Mediterranean Sea. Andreu shows us his look on the local products applying technique to enhance the flavour.

With 6000 square meters Mediterranean garden, Andreu Genestra makes his own Vermouth, and aromatised fortified wine flavoured with various botanicals from his own garden.

The glass is hand blown by traditional glass masters from Mallorca. It's divided in two parts, the glass has a spherical bottom that gets supported by a copper ring.


The copper ring has an inlay of Portuguese oak, a dark version for dark Vermouth, and a light version for white Vermouth.

What remains is a slice of orange on the copper pin, an olive and you are ready to enjoy your Vermouth in the Mediterranean weather.

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